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Botox Cosmetic®


While it may have made its name through celebrity use, Botox is an affordable treatment that anyone can access. Unlike some cosmetic medical treatments, it’s suitable for virtually anyone who has wrinkles or other skin lines that they want to remove. This includes people who want to fight the signs of natural ageing, or those who’ve developed lines from exposure to the sun.

Botox injections may sound like scientific wizardry, but they are a natural solution. The name comes from an entirely safe natural protein called Botulinum Toxin. Unlike some treatments that aim to pump up the skin or fill in the lines, Botox injections work by relaxing tight facial muscles, effectively helping the face stop frowning!

The procedure requires no anaesthetic as it is effectively painless: the worst you’ll usually feel is a slight pricking sensation as the doctor applies the needle. It should take no more than a couple of weeks before the full effects take force, and once this is complete they will last for several months.

Generally there aren’t any side effects bar occasional mild bruising, and other than avoiding strenuous exercise for a day or so, there isn’t any need for a recovery period, so you can carry on your work and life uninterrupted.

When it comes to Botox, before and after photos tells an interesting story.

The difference is clear: frown lines and crow’s feet will be heavily reduced if not completely eliminated. However, the treatment offered at reputable clinics will leave a natural (if younger) look rather than a plastic effect.

Contrary to some horror stories, Botox treatment won’t leave you unable to show expression such as surprise or to frown when administered correctly! The only difference is that the frown lines won’t be there when you don’t want them.




Is it the right treatment for me?
Botox is the Canada’s most popular cosmetic procedure, because it is suitable for almost everyone. If you have wrinkles or forehead lines you
wish to reduce, then this treatment is likely to be the perfect option. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to ask your WellMedica specialist.

What happens after treatment?
You can carry on with your day as normal immediately after leaving the clinic, although it’s important to avoid anything strenuous for 24 hours
such as going to the gym. Side effects are rare, but occasionally some clients experience bruising, but this usually fades quickly.

Before you leave the clinic at the end of your treatment, we will book you in for a free check-up 2 weeks later, so that we can review the results of your treatment once it has taken full effect. We can also book your next appointment in 3-4 months times to ensure you maintain your new look!

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