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How does it work?
Excess sweating is a common problem that can be solved easily, leaving you with dry, soft skin regardless of the heat. One of our skincare experts delivers the treatment by injecting Botox Cosmetic® into the skin, which enters the sweat glands. This blocks the nerve impulses that are a major factor in producing excessive sweat.


Hyperhidrosis Treatment FAQS

How does the hyperhidrosus treatment work?
Excessive sweating is treated by administering an injection of the protein to the overactive sweat glands, which are identified by first applying a powder to the skin. The protein acts by blocking excess nerve signals to the sweat glands, thus reducing the amount of sweat the body releases.

How will I feel during the hyperhidrosis treatment?
Apart from the small pinprick when the injections are given, this is a comfortable and painless procedure. Local anaesthetic can be used if you
have particularly sensitive skin.

Is hyperhidrosis treatment right for me?
If your aim is to reduce the embarrassment and inconvenience cause by overactive sweat glands, the hyperhidrosis treatment is a safe and
convenient option.

What happens after hyperhidrosis treatment?
You will notice a signicant reduction in sweating, and this lasts for a period of up to 3 months, after which many patients return for further

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